Monday, December 08, 2008

Giants making a "Splash Hit" in the offseason and winter meetings.

Bag on the Renteria signing all you want, I like it. Sure he's 33 going on 34 but unlike the majority of "old guy" signings the Giants have made in the past, Renteria is actually good. I mean, did you actually expect Aurilia to do well outside of the homer heaven in Cincinnati? Did you expect the post roid Ryan Klesko to continue to hit home runs?

Renteria is a career 290 hitter with pop from the right side. It's a known fact that it's easier to yank one out to right at AT&T than it is for lefties. Also, I like Burriss at second more than I do at short. Renteria is a decent defensive shortstop and not someone that would crack under the pressure of following up the best defensive shortstop the game has ever seen in Omar Vizquel. Remember the pressure that Lance Niekro underwent when JT left? How'd he fair?

With the addition of Affeldt (the best free agent lefty availble) and Howry, the bullpen has gone from a Matt Cain heart attack to something that actually might get him some wins this year.

And with the likes of Alderson and Bumgardner waiting in the wings, to trade Sanchez for a bat would be one of the best ideas in recent years. The Giants have a minors system of pitching talent that won't only make it to the majors, there are about three guys that have the chance of attaining Cain-like levels. Ditch Sanchez, get Cantu and sign Sabathia.

You do that and you've got your clean up hitter and one of the best rotations in baseball. How does Sabathia (Cy Young winner 07), Lincecum(Cy Young winner 08), Cain (Cy potential), Zito(Cy Young winner 02), and Lowry (Giants leader in wins 06-07) sound?

And if it's offensive talent you're looking for, don't forget about Mr. Posey who's less then an year from donning a Giants uniform and top prospect Villanova who's a complete masher.

The Giants are going to be good and they're going to be good very soon. With the Padres and Rockies dumping salary, the D-Backs maxed out, the Dodgers are the Giants only contention in the West this year. You could figuratively be watching Joe Buck screw up a Giants playoff broadcast as early as this fall!!!


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